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Welcome to Authentic Counseling!
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Helping you live a connected, balanced, and authentic life.  

  • Are you longing to feel more connected, yet end up feeling empty and out of touch?  

  • Do you get caught in patterns of "people-pleasing" or second-guessing yourself?  

  • Are you wanting to have more ease in your relationships, but conflict keeps occurring?

  • Do you find yourself feeling depleted because you try so hard to be the person you believe you "should" be?

  • Are you struggling to figure out how to balance your and your family's needs without feeling resentful? 

In our collaborative work, we will explore and identify what's getting in the way of consistently experiencing connection and enjoyment, so that you can experience greater confidence, balance, and trust in your Self.  





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Individual Therapy

 Every human being deserves to feel understood, confidence, and joy. A strong relationship with an experienced and caring therapist can be exactly what is needed to begin the road to healing and change. I believe therapy is about becoming more Self-aware and increasing our capacity for connection.                    to learn about how real healing can happen when we feel safe enough and have the confidence to trust ourSelves. 


Family Therapy
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Working with families is a real passion of mine. I love getting to know about each family system and supporting family members to discover different ways they can feel more understood and connected with each other.         

                       about how I can help families rediscover their connection, trust, and enjoyment of each other. 

Parenting support group
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I think we can all agree that parenting is the Hardest job we will ever do! 

This group can help make parenting feel easier and more enjoyable.

                    to learn how this group helps parents feel more confident, supported, and valued.  



"Debbie is smart and flexible, adeptly making sense of stories and feelings that can sometimes feel overwhelming as I share them. When she reflects them back to me, she holds them in a new light,

helping me see new opportunities, new ways of thinking.

I leave each session with Debbie feeling more empowered, more self-aware, and more ready to

take on what is difficult in my world."     -NK 

 "I cannot thank Debbie enough for seeing us through the last year. My son's confidence has increased so much, and it’s a joy to see how independent he is becoming. I know there will continue to be ups and downs, but I am so appreciative of what Debbie has given us."  -AS

"Debbie's parent support group was of great value to me. Even through a telehealth platform, it was so comforting to be with other teen moms who experience so many of the same struggles that I do. It was a great opportunity for me to reflect on myself and my inner struggles or critical thoughts that get in the way of being a better mom. Debbie did a wonderful job of making sure each person's voice was heard in a nonjudgmental manner and that we each had time to share and have our needs met each week. She was flexible to accommodating to our schedules as well.  I recommend Debbie's group to any mom raising a teen."   -DP   

"I was blessed to have been able to find Debbie for individual supervision. She is insightful, flexible with her schedule, collaborative, and incredibly supportive. I would highly recommend Debbie for any supervision/counseling needs. I am forever grateful for the part she played towards my professional development." - JDE

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