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Current Parenting Group

Telehealth Services 

I use a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing service to provide therapy sessions with those located in Pennsylvania.


   Teletherapy Tips:

  • Test your connection ahead of your appointment

  • Consider closing other windows and applications to enhance video quality

  • Find a quiet, private place from which to conduct your session

Individual Therapy

Wheat Field


My individual clients are often women who are interested in decreasing internal and/or external conflict in their lives. Sometimes, clients will ask for support in managing challenges related to anxiety/worry, ADHD, depression, interpersonal conflict, parenting, and trauma. 


Through our work, clients often discover new ways of understanding themselves and others, which leads to having more compassion and ease.  Together, we will explore and identify and experiment with changing patterns that you believe are no longer working in your life. Through this process, you can learn to recognize where you may get stuck and ways to experience more calmness, balance, empowerment, and happiness!

Parenting Group:

"The Village"

Life Coach

"The Village" is a parenting group for parents looking to connect with others, reflect on their parenting approach, and experience support around their parenting struggles and successes. The group name stems from the saying "It takes a Village...", which I whole-heartedly believe to be true. However, in my work with parents, I consistently hear how they are feeling isolated (especially during the pandemic) and frequently worrying about being judged by other parents.  In this group, we do not judge- we support and celebrate.


As the facilitator, my background in education, my training and understanding of family systems, along with my own parenting journey are a few aspects that I bring to the group.

Just as in a village, every group member has valuable skills and insights/experiences to offer. This group is an opportunity to give and take what feels right for you!

Join us (virtually for now) as we create and develop our own village, so that we can feel more connected and less depleted while engaging in our hardest and most important job - parenting.

Family Therapy

Young Family_edited.jpg

Families are systems.  Systems sometimes need "tune-ups" or reorganization to work optimally.

This is where therapy can help!   

Often, families view a particular person as "the problem".  However, family therapists believe that this person is actually "symptomatic" FOR the family (like a cough is a symptom of a cold). 


I work collaboratively with all family members to identify the core interactional patterns that are causing distress. From there, we will begin to experiment with new ways of interacting that will support family members experience a decrease in tension/conflict and an increase in genuine connections.                                         

Individual therapy
Family Therapy
Parenting Group
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